About Us


To instill the love of Allah (swt) and of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) in the hearts of Muslim children through authentic Islamic knowledge.

Who we are:

Deen Sprout Academy (DSA) is an online educational institute providing Quranic and Islamic Studies for Muslim children in North America.

Our Approach:

DSA instructors are qualified, professional and compassionate when teaching Muslim children so we can grow their love for the deen.

Our Story:

DSA was started in 2020 after the pandemic lockdown reached the USA. The founder, Azima Abdul-Azim, originally intended for DSA to provide in-person instruction, but the pandemic forced the school to go online. Since she had recently graduated from an internet-based Alimah program (Zainab Institute), she was well-versed in online learning and teaching. The first four students were friends and family, but through word of mouth, DSA grew to 40 students within the first year (10x growth) alhamdolillah and continues to grow. DSA hired more qualified teachers to keep up with the demand and continues to hire more.

The Future:

To fulfil our mission, DSA plans to recruit more qualified and caring teachers who inspire love for deen in the Muslim children of North America through authentic Islamic teaching.